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Every Step to Draw a Full

​Set of House Plans

​with hundreds of illustrations.



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No prior CAD or Design Experience Required

Learn AutoCAD by Drawing a Set of House Plans 

Learn  AutoCAD fast with this programmed course that leads you step by step through the process. You start drawing immediately and the images begin to take shape within minutes. No long setup or long hours of studying processes before drawing begins. Simply follow the clearly defined steps and you will see the house plans take shape. Learn as you draw. 

AutoCAD in 20 Hours

Drawing a house involves all of the procedures needed to draw any

2d object: the drawing skills to draw any shape, the hatch and fill features, the most common modifying tools, all the skills required to plot and publish.

Anyone who wants to draw anything in 2d with AutoCAD can learn with this precisely designed "follow the demonstration" method.



Who Can Use This Book:

Anyone who wants to learn how to draw 2d objects and plot them on any device can use this book. It is an excellent way to learn all the commands and procedures to draw Architectural Drawings, but the same techniques are used to draw anything. So this is an excellent way to learn drawing for mechanical drafting, circuitry, landscape, virtually any type of drawing is possible after the completion of this course. 

All the skills needed to draw anything in 2d are included here. This course is about drafting techniques, and while it covers a lot of architectural drafting issues, it is not an architectural design manual. It is a drafting technique manual. The skills are the same for all types of drafting projects.You will learn all of the necessary commands and procedures to draw any shape, then modify, copy and move it in the drawing. You will learn all about layers and line types, menus and settings. Text and scales of dimensions styles are covered extensively. Plotting and printing are detailed in a series of short demonstrative chapters. Scales are discussed and illustrated with scores of graphics to give the reader a thorough knowledge of this often complicated subject. When you are done with this course you will be ready to draft any project.

This step by step method is the fastest way for most people to learn a complex body of instructions. AutoCAD can be vexing, it is a complicated system with hundreds, even thousands of settings and procedures. When you pick up a manual on the subject, you really have no idea which parts of the huge text are what you need to draft your projects. You could set up your own project and then track down the different procedures, but often the explanations are not complete. When I learned AutoCAD it took nearly twelve hours of searching, over a period of months, to figure out the settings for leaders. Here you will learn about leaders in minutes. many people take months or years to learn the material presented here. Many quit in frustration because they simply don't have the spare time to devote to tracking down all the techniques. Well, now all you have to do is open the book and follow the path. It will lead you to success in as short a time as possible. And its fun!

What You Will Learn:

In 20 Hours Learn to draw any object in 2d.

If you can measure it, you can draw it.

A Software Survival Guide

            It's a Software Jungle out there--You need a guide

This is a programmed learning course in that all the steps have been crafted to build upon each other, starting from the simplest and progressing to more complex. The reader can start with zero knowledge of the subject and simply imitate the procedures. The drawing takes form on the screen as the techniques are acquired. This is a quick way to learn because the procedures are all in context as part of a project. Drawing exactly what is demonstrated propels the learning process and competence is achieved by incremental steps. The process accelerates as the project continues and the basics steps lead to more advanced techniques. Some of the complex parts of the program are covered in extensive detail. These include: scales, dimension styles, and plotting procedures. These subjects that often create confusion are made clear by examples and detailed illustration. There are hundreds of illustrations and the videos cover every step of the difficult parts--you can't go astray.This is essentially a watch and imitate method. It takes inspiration form the old chinese proverb:

I see, I forget -- I do, I remember.

Ok, that is not the exact proverb, but you get the general drift.  

How You will learn:



-Mechanical Drafting



-All 2d Design